Monday, September 5, 2011

Roaring News

Dear Baldwin Community,
We started our 2011-2012 school year with a Roar! We have had two amazing weeks! During my classroom visits, I have observed children learning routines and procedures and being very active participants. We have grown over 100 students from last year, with 645 students registered to date. I have been working with the district's Human Resources department to see if we will gain any additional teachers due to some of the high numbers at some grade levels. They are still reviewing the district's enrollment by campus and they will be informing us of our status this week. I will share this information as soon as I receive it.
Due to the growth in enrollment at Baldwin, we decided that we needed to try new dismissal procedures. Since the initial implementation of the new procedures, we have made a few more adjustments and these seem to be working better for everyone. If you are picking up your child through the car-pool lane in front of the school, please place your car sign on the passenger side window or the windshield so that we can get your child to you quickly and safely. Our safety patrol members are now helping us with dismissal and it is important that they see the names of the child and the teacher on your car signs. This will also help us keep the traffic moving through the pick-up lane. I appreciate your patience and support with the new dismissal procedures.
I also want to remind everyone to review your child's daily agenda and his/her Wednesday folder. We will be sending important information through these two means of communication. Also don't forget to read the Baldwin Weekly Roar for weekly updates and for upcoming events. We don't want you to miss any of the school events so be sure to stay informed. A big thank you to Cathy Cox for working with the Baldwin Staff to get the Baldwin Weekly Roar out to everyone! Mrs. Cox is a parent of a fourth grader and I appreciate all that she does to help keep everyone informed.
Have you seen the NEW Baldwin PTA Website? It looks GREAT and we have Mr. Neil Spake to thank for developing this new site for us. Alongside Mr. Spake was Renae Donus who helped him gather all of the information that we wanted everyone to be able to access. Mr. Spake is the parent of a fourth grader and Mrs. Donus is the parent of a first grader. I am very grateful to both Neil and Renae for the great work and for their time and talent. They have created a super, dynamic website for all of us to use!
On a different note, I want to encourage all families to join the PTA this year and to participate in the new Baldwin HEB card program. The funds that are generated through the HEB card program will help the school tremendously. Keep an eye out for this information so that you can register.
This week we will be hosting Back to School Night for Grades 4 and 5 and Special Areas. Please join us on Thursday evening to learn more about the 4th and 5th grade expectations and to get a glimpse of what your children have been learning thus far. You will be so proud of them! I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Roaring with Pride,
Dr. Peña