Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Roar

We had another excellent week at Baldwin!

Our Baldwin Choir held two performances: one last night and one this morning for the whole student body. Their program "Fun in the Sun" got all of us excited about summer and even brought back a few memories. However, we know that we must finish our last 7 weeks of classes before we get started with our summer vacation. I am so proud of our First Baldwin Choir and Mrs. Stevens our music teacher and choir director. They have set a high standard for our future choir groups. I want to thank all of our parents for supporting our choir throughout this school year and we hope that you will encourage others to join the choir next year.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate our 2nd and 3rd graders that participated in the Math Pentathlon tournament on Saturday, April 9th. The results are as follows: Pentathletes: Christopher A., Aiden B., Dawson B., Gavin B., Gabriel C., Rachel C., Annie D., Alexander G., Cynthia H., Madeline M., Abi M., Greyson O., Paul S., Alyssa S., Connor S., Vishwak T., Dylan W., and Jayden W.

Honorable Mention: Sophia C., Noah H., Reha K., Katherine K., Isabella J., Matthew M. and Blake R.
Bronze Medal: Jack B.
Silver Medal: Patrick D., Atticus K., and Lake S.
Gold Medal: Sebastian M. and Ashton W.

I am very proud of our Math Pentathletes and their Coaches! Thanks for all of your hard work! We will be recognizing our Pentathletes on Tuesday, April 19th during morning assembly beginning at 7:35 a.m. Hope to see you there!

This week Brooke G.  from Ms. Lentz's first grade class came to read to me because she earned a "Double Wow!"  She is a great reader! Way to go Brooke and keep on reading! I also had the great pleasure of attending an "Author's Tea" this morning in Mrs. Lentz's class. Her first graders invited their parents and family members to come hear them read some of their favorite writing pieces. The students read to their family and friends and enjoyed some orange juice, donuts and grapes. Some of the students shared their work with me and I was amazed with their creativity and skills. I am so proud of our first graders and Mrs. Lentz!

Some of the other first graders in Mrs. Lopez's class and Ms. Leblanc's class have also been improving in their writing skills. They have created some books and these are on display in the hallway. I met up with one of our Kindergarten parents this morning who was reading the first graders' books and she commented on how great they were. She was very impressed with the first graders' writing. Way to go first grade!!

On another note, I want to recognize two third grade young ladies from Mrs. Burns' class: Rachel C. and Triana S. On their own, they decided that they wanted to collect some funds to send to the Red Cross to help with "Japan Relief." It is not a big operation but they are doing their best to collect donations to help out in some way. If they decide to expand their efforts, we will let you know so that you can make a contribution too. Thank you to Rachel and Triana for thinking of others and trying to help out in some way!

This Tuesday, April 19th, the Baldwin PTA will be holding a General PTA meeting at 6:30 p.m. and we need everyone to attend because we will be electing the PTA Board for the 2011-2012 school year. Please make plans to join us! Everyone's voice and vote counts!

When you visit the HEB on Escarpment and Slaughter Lane, ask the employees to sack your groceries in a paper bag. You may get one of the paper bags our students' decorated in honor of Earth Day!

One last thing, our PreK students have been studying about the Earth and what they can do to take care of our resources. Keep an eye out for some creative art work that our youngest Bobcats will be displaying in the next week!

Roaring with Pride,
Dr.  Peña