Saturday, January 2, 2016

ROARing News!

Happy 2016 Baldwin Community! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break and that you rang in the New Year with a roar! I am excited to get our spring semester started with all of our children and their families. 


We ended the 2015 fall semester with many great events, accomplishments and successes! Before the Thanksgiving Break, we held our second annual Multi-Cultural Fest with parents and grandparent as our presenters and volunteers. The day was a beautiful day of sharing and learning about the diverse community that makes up Baldwin. Every class had the opportunity to visit at least three different locations of interest and learn with our volunteers. Each of the presenters did an amazing job sharing about their country and helping our children expand their knowledge and awareness about each other. Events like this one helps all of us appreciate each other for who we are and the many unique qualities that make up our special learning community. Thank you to our presenters and volunteers; we look forward to next year's event. Thank you to Mrs. Lauren Linahan for organizing this event for our school! 


The month of December was a busy one for sure! We had many different activities, field trips and events that took place. The students in grades 2-5 had a special opportunity to learn more about the solar system and our earth by visiting the planetarium that our generous PTA brought to Baldwin. Once again this  year, our students were able to make many science and social studies connections with these presentations. So thank you to our PTA for sponsoring this event again this year at Baldwin!


We also held our annual Jingle Bell Run the last week before winter break. I observed all of our children having fun as they ran the course that our coaches set out for them. I heard lots of laughter and saw determination on all of our children's faces as they ran the course. This is one of the many physical fitness events that our school sponsors for our children and families. The Jingle Bell run gave the students a chance to add more miles to their individual Marathon Run charts. Thank you to our coaches for providing this annual event for our children. 


I want to thank all of our families for the yummy cookies that were shared with our staff during the December Cookie Exchange. The staff lounge was converted into a bakery on this special day and we all enjoyed so many yummy treats! Thank you for sharing your special treats with us!  Many of us also received very special Christmas Gifts and we are very grateful for your generosity and love. Thank you for showering us with gifts and for sharing your treasures with us! You make us feel very special!


Thank you to our PTA for sponsoring Santa Night again this year! This event is always a special way for families to come together at our school to share some quality time with family and friends. I don't know about you but when I saw Santa, I was reminded that I still Believe! Thanks PTA!

Also, a Big thank you to all of you that visited our December Book Fair. It was a great week of shopping and your support will continue to help us stock up our school library with many book that your children love to read! The book fair always reminds me of how I loved visiting the public library when I was a young girl and how much I love the feel of books and the places they take me! I hope you found time to read during the winter break and if you didn't, it isn't too late to start now. 


Congratulations to our Robotics Teams! The different teams competed during the fall semester and were recognized in several different categories for their great work. Two of our teams will proceed to the next level, the Invitational Tournament! Way to go Robotics Teams!


"Ice Breakers"-Winner of 1st Place Robot Game Score, 1st Place Champions and will proceed to Invitation Tournament. The team members are: Cara G. , Helena H., Marissa M., Nadia P. and Ava W.


"RoboWolves"- Winner of Most Innovative Solution for Project. The team members are: Jake J. 

Ty J., Alex R. and Joseph W. 


"Techtonic Robots"- Winner of Inspiration Award for Core Values. The team members are:  Gabriel D. 

and Major M. 


"Lighting Strikers"- Winner of Mechanical Design for their Robot and will proceed to Invitational Tournament. The team members are: Grant B. , Samya C. , William G. , Marcus L. and Darren T.

I look forward to sharing more of our great news and accomplishments throughout the spring semester. Thank you for your continuous support of our school and our children!

Roaring with Pride, 

Dr. Peña

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