Saturday, October 11, 2014

ROARing News

Dear Baldwin Community,


For the past seven weeks at Baldwin, all of our students and teachers have been working extremely hard to meet the many expectations that have been set for us for the start of this new school year. I am very proud of the learning and work that I am seeing in all classrooms!


In the second grade classes, I had the pleasure of observing students present their "Past, Present, and Future" projects. The students were very poised, articulate and they knew the topics they had chosen very well. I was also in one of the music classes when third graders were "composers." The students were able to identify pitch and rhythm through hand signals and movements. They used this knowledge to make connections to literature and to their own lives. These third graders and Mrs. Stevens were amazing! These are just two examples of the many wonderful lessons that have occurred at Baldwin. Be sure to check out the bulletin boards in the hallways and our teachers' websites to see some of this great work.


I have also seen many of you, our children's parents, at our school volunteering in many different capacities. Our Great Leaps program is well on its' way because of the dedicated volunteers that come every day to read with our first graders. Thank you to Mrs. Fellinger for setting up a great program for us again this year! I have also seen many volunteers in classrooms, in the copy room, cutting out laminated posters and instructional materials, and in the office. I want to thank all of you for giving your time and talents. You are greatly appreciated!


A few weeks ago, many of you also shared your treasures with the Baldwin staff as part of Staff Appreciation Week. I want to personally thank Mrs. Beeler's students and families for the wonderful treats you showered me with every day during that week. The box of cookies, the flowers, the lunch and the beautiful cards were very much appreciated! You made me feel very special! This is true for all of the other support staff that was appreciate during that same week. The amazing posters that were made for the different individuals are still hanging by their doors and in the office and the luncheon you provided for all of us was delicious. Thank you for being so generous with all of us!


Just a friendly reminder that this Monday is a student holiday, therefore, we are not scheduled for classes on this day. However, it is parent-teacher conference day for us at the elementary level. Some of you have already met with your child's teacher but many of you are scheduled for Monday and for the days that follow. If you have not already scheduled a time to meet with your child's teacher, please do so as soon as possible. This is a perfect time of the year to learn more about how your child is progressing and how you can partner with our teachers to help your child succeed! In the next edition of the Weekly ROAR, you will find some tips to help you prepare for the conference. Be sure to read the ROAR on Sunday!


The Weekly ROAR is our weekly communication with the Baldwin Community, so if you are not receiving this electronic communication, be sure to visit the Baldwin website to subscribe to this important service. I want to thank Paige Newman for continuing to support us with the Weekly ROAR. She does an amazing job every week of taking all of our information and sending it out to you in a format that is informative and easy to read. Thank you Mrs. Newman for your help each week!!


Also, don't forget that our Baldwin Carnival is coming up this next Friday, October 17th. The PTA has been working very hard since last spring to get this organized and to make it fun for the whole family. Please make plans to attend. The details for this fun event can be found in the Weekly ROAR and on our website.


I look forward to seeing you on Monday at our parent-teacher conferences and at the Baldwin Carnival on Friday! 

ROARing with Pride,
Dr.  Peña

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