Saturday, December 15, 2012

School Safety

Dear Baldwin Parents and Community,
We are saddened by the tragedy that took place in Connecticut on Friday. I am certain that you are limiting and/or avoiding your child's exposure to the multitude of media coverage of this event. However, your child may begin to hear from other children about this incident. If this is the case and you need support in this area, feel free to contact Patricia Klaras, our school counselor, for assistance.  Here are a few tips that may be helpful to you during this time:
  • Acknowledge and validate the child's thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Let them know that you think their questions and concerns are important and appropriate.
  • Remember that children tend to personalize situations. For example, they may worry about their own safety or the safety of friends and relatives, especially those who are away at college or even may have fears about the safety of our own school.
  • Children learn from watching their parents and teachers. They are very interested in how you respond to local and national events. They also learn from listening to your conversations with other adults.
  • Don't let children watch too much television with frightening images. The repetition of such scenes can be disturbing and confusing.
At Baldwin, children's safety is a priority. As you know, we keep all of our school doors locked and everyone is required to check in at the front office before they are allowed to go to any other part of the building. We will continue to reinforce this safety procedure and others every day! Also, as part of our safety routines, we practice the different safety drills throughout the year including the school lock-down drill that would be required for us to follow in any type of threatening situation. With this procedure, Baldwin would be locked-down in seconds! I know that this was a horrific, horrific event; please know that at Baldwin we will always take every measure to keep our children safe! Again, I appreciate you limiting your child's exposure to this event and for continuing to help them know and understand that they are safe at Baldwin.
Dr. Peña