Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hello Baldwin Community, 

It is hard to believe that we have completed 5 weeks of the 2012-2013 school year! Your children have been amazing Bobcats and have been working extremely hard every single day. As I make my daily rounds into classrooms, I hear children and teachers having meaningful conversations about the learning objectives in all subject areas. I see amazing student work hanging in the hallways that shows me that children are making connections within the discipline areas and with their own lives and experiences. 

Our student council is gearing up for student council elections and our students that are running for one of the officer positions have taken over any empty wall space in the main building areas to hang their campaign posters. I have to admit that this year's campaign posters are even more creative than last year's. Our students have put in a lot of time and effort to getting elected. They will be recording their speeches soon and the rest of the student body will watch these with their classes and vote for the candidate of their choice. When you walk into the building you can feel the sense of pride that our children are feeling as they campaign and get ready for election day. I am so proud of each and every one of them. I also want to thank you, the parents, for helping your child through this experience. I look forward to working with this year's student council. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the Baldwin parents for the kindness and generosity you showed to all of the Baldwin support staff during Staff Appreciation Week. I personally received many beautiful handmade cards, class books, a beautiful flower arrangement and an extremely generous gift card to my favorite restaurant from children in Mrs. Hook's class and from Ms. Brady's class. I have re-read my cards and books several times this past weekend and am so touched every time I read them. Thank you so much for the contributions made to the PTA, which in turn gave each of us an overly- generous gift card. I can proudly say, that each of us loves working with your children and being a part of the Baldwin Learning Community!! 

I want to remind everyone to read the Baldwin Weekly ROAR because it contains so much information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. There are also many event dates in the ROAR that we need your assistance with, such as the upcoming Baldwin Carnival, the Roaring Readers Club, Red Ribbon Week and many more. Be sure to mark October 31st on your calendars so that you can join us for our first annual "Vocabulary Parade." The ROAR has more information about this fun event. 

Once again, on behalf of the Baldwin Staff, I thank you for sharing your time, talents and treasures with all of us. I look forward to seeing you at Baldwin! 

Roaring with Pride, 
Dr. Peña