Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dear Baldwin Community,
Our second annual March Mathness was a HUGE success! We had parents, grandparents, student teachers and community members teaching our children many different math concepts through real life experiences and fun. Our volunteers made math come alive at Baldwin! A second grade student in Ms. Brady's class said to me, "Dr. Peña, I don't know who thought of March Mathness, but this a great thing for us to have. Every station has been so much fun especially the one where I ordered the food I wanted with the money I was given." I heard these type of comments every in every class I visited yesterday. 
We had different lessons and math centers happening at all grade levels. Our PreK children played a variety of math games with parents and teachers in their classrooms. I peeked in their rooms and they didn't even notice me. They were so engaged in the activities and having such a great time. In Kindergarten, we had children working with fractions creating their own "Equal Willy" caterpillar. In another  class, I saw children working with money, measuring their heart rates and playing a doubles game. The third graders experienced the olympics through different math olympic games. The older students learned more math skills through a scavenger hunt, balancing a check book and measuring the circumference of different circles. I saw some fifth graders writing out checks, so parents beware!
This type of learning and fun makes Baldwin a special place to learn and grow. Thank you to our teachers for organizing this year's March Mathness and thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to celebrate Math learning with us! We appreciate everyone sharing their talents and expertise.
Have a restful and fun Spring Break. I will see everyone back on March 19th!
Roaring with Pride,
Dr. Peña