Monday, February 21, 2011

Roarring News

Hello Baldwin Community,

Thank you to everyone that participated in parent conferences today. Most of the conferences today were led by the students and  I was amazed at how well they could explain their progress and their goals to their parents. The students had examples of their work to share with their parents and some even played games and/or completed centers together.  We appreciate all of the daily parent support! Together we will help all of our children succeed!

In my last blog, I mentioned all of the beautiful artwork that our students have been doing at Baldwin but I failed to recognize our art teachers Ms. Rutledge and Mr. Abbott. Thank you to both of our Art Teachers for teaching our children some incredible art skills and for displaying their talents.

This past Saturday, two of our fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Reaves and Mrs. Cruz, held a writing camp for fourth graders. I came by Saturday morning to greet the students and the teachers and they were all so excited to be at Baldwin, even on Saturday. The teachers started the camp by having the students go on a scavenger hunt through the school. The students were thrilled that they could go through the hallways and talk with their friends, which is not the normal procedure during the regular school day. The scavenger hunt led the students to find puzzle pieces that covered the traits of writing they were reviewing. I heard from the teachers that the students had some awesome writing to share before they left on Saturday, which was the goal for this camp. I am very proud of the students for giving up some of their Saturday to get some extra practice and I appreciate Mrs. Reaves and Mrs. Cruz for setting this up for them. Thank you to the parents of our fourth graders for bringing them and picking them up on time.  We will have another writing camp this Saturday, February 26th. We look forward to seeing the fourth graders here again!

Mrs. Beeler's first graders have started writing to their pen pals from Widen Elementary, our "sister" school. The first graders in Mrs. Beeler's class have been matched with other first graders from Widen Elementary and they have been writing to each other. The students' first writing correspondence has been posted on the bulletin board outside Mrs. Beeler's class. Kudos to Mrs. Beeler's first graders for participating in this type of activity and for making new friends!

Good News! We have some additional bike racks that were installed this past Friday. The bike racks are along the front drive of the school just past the library, which is the south end of the drive. I noticed last week that we had many bike riders and now we have more bike racks available for the students to use. As the weather cooperates, I hope to see more children riding their bikes to school or walking to school. Thank you to our parents for encouraging this type of healthy activity for our children.
Roaring with Pride,
Dr. Peña