Friday, September 24, 2010

Roaring News

Hello Baldwin Bobcat Community!

Happy Friday to All!  I am just thrilled that we have completed our fifth week of school and I have some more "Roaring" news to share with you. Our Fifth Graders returned from their Camping Trip full of excitement and with many stories to share. One of the fifth graders told me, "the rock wall was the best! I made it to the top!" Another fifth grader told me, "I loved the astronomy lesson. I loved learning about the constellations."  Our teachers told me that the students were superb and that they received many compliments from the camp counselors. I want to thank our fifth grade parents for allowing our students the opportunity to go camping as a team and for helping make this a great success. Thank you to Ms. Webber, Ms. Kane, Mrs. Quiroz and Mr. Crowley for being there to experience this with our children.  Thank you to the PTA for providing some scholarships to make sure all of our students attended the camping trip!

In classrooms this week, I observed and heard kindergartners comparing numbers and sorting objects that were similar and different and using vocabulary such as more than, less than, and the same. The best part of these activities was listening to the students explain their thinking processes and communicating their mathematical ideas to their friends. In third grade this week, I saw the students representing currency amounts in different ways and they were also explaining their thinking. In many of the classrooms,I visited this week, the students were going through the writing process and sharing some excellent stories. I even had four first grade readers come to my office today to share their writing on their favorite characters and on the setting of the story they had read in class. I am so proud of all of our learners and of our teachers!

Today was our first drawing from the Box Top Barrel and Jason A. in Mrs. Lentz's class was the lucky winner and he chose a colorful slinky from the treasure box.  Remember to bring in your box tops in a ziploc bag with your child's name, his/her teacher's name, and the number of box tops that are in the bag. We will be giving more prizes to individual students and to the classes that collect the most box tops. Thank you to Ms. Suzie Bradford for helping us with the Box Tops program.

On Tuesday, we had a fabulous turn out for out PTA General Meeting and our first Bobcat "Paw"ty. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring this event. I had so much fun dancing with the children in the gym! Next time we want to see more parents on the dance floor!

Our math pentathlon classes are off to a great start too! All of the student participants are so excited about their classes and this is just another way of enriching their lives with math fun!! Thank you to all of the Math Pentathlon Coaches for giving their time and energy.

Next Friday, October 1st will the the first Parent-Principal Coffee Hour! Please make plans to attend on Friday, Oct. 1. We will meet in the cafeteria from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.  for some coffee and time to talk about your concerns and ideas. I look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Have a great weekend!

With Roaring Pride,

Dr. Peña